Mamma Baguette Organizer


This Fendi Vintage Mamma Baguette handbag organizer is custom made to help your bag live a long and fabulous life. Your bag complements you and the insert complements your bag. Vintage handbags always have their appeal; however, it may not be as appealing when it has lost shape or cleanliness. Get an organizer to help with this in only one step!

    • Hand Made
    • 100 % Felt Wool
    • Allow for Zipper Alterations
      • Please Select Options Before Adding to Cart
    • In 25+ Different Colors
      • Please Indicate Color At Checkout. If Not Indicated, Color Is Random.
      • Color Variation is available under Organizer Colors
    • Fits Snug Inside Handbag allow up to 2cm for Measurement Differences
    • Above Listing if for Handbag Insert only and not for the actual Handbag
    • Hand wash only
    • Wash with cold water
    • Hang Dry


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