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LV Neverfull Organizer

LV Neverfull Organizer

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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the most well-known and widely used handbag tote. This bag is built to house everything for your daily use. The large size allows things to easily get lost in it. The inside canvas is very easily susceptible to pen marks and drink spills. Avoid all this by getting a handbag organizer to help you easily locate your things in this mini version-black hole and meanwhile protect its shape and cleanliness.

  • Hand Made
  • 100 % Felt Wool
  • Allow for Zipper Alterations
    • Please Select Options Before Adding to Cart
  • In 25+ Different Colors
    • Please Indicate Color At Checkout. If Not Indicated, Color Is Random.
    • Color Variation is available under Organizer Colors.
  • Fits Snug Inside Handbag allow up to 2cm for Measurement Differences
  • Above Listing if for Handbag Insert only and not for the actual Handbag


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