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Lady Dior Organizer

Lady Dior Organizer

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This organizer is made for the elegant Lady Dior. It can also fit in the ABCDior and D'Lite if the sizing is correct. It is easy for leather or canvas Lady Diors to lose their shape from humidity, usage, and storage situations. A handbag organizer can easily help it look stiff and protect the insides from collected dust. 

  • Hand Made
  • 100 % Felt Wool
  • Allow for Zipper Alterations
    • Please Select Options Before Adding to Cart
  • In 25+ Different Colors
    • Please Indicate Color At Checkout. If Not Indicated, Color Is Random.
    • Color Variation is available under Organizer Colors
  • Fits Snug Inside Handbag allow up to 2cm for Measurement Differences
  • Above Listing is for Handbag Insert only and not for the Actual Handbag.



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